Work With Our Local Tree Company in New Milford, Bridgewater or Roxbury, CT

Discover the Benefits of Tree Removal in the Winter

You might associate tree removal with spring and summer, but there are actually some tree jobs that are best completed in the winter. At A&A Tree Service, our tree company is prepared to work in the cold to get your job done right.

You don't have to wait until it warms up to upgrade your outdoor area. We provide winter tree removal and other seasonal services around New Milford, Bridgewater, Washington and Roxbury, CT.

Learn more about the winter jobs we take on

Your ground is frozen in the winter, which makes it the perfect time to perform jobs that would otherwise damage your lawn. Along with winter tree removal, some of these jobs include:

  • Small-scale logging
  • View enhancements
  • Large branch removals
Anything that involves big, heavy equipment is less damaging during the colder months. Call us now at 860-946-3594 to team up with our local tree company. We'll let you know if your tree project is best suited for spring or winter.