If You Can Dream It, We Can Dig It

If You Can Dream It, We Can Dig It

Contact our local New Milford, CT company to learn more about our pond excavation services

Are you thinking about adding a pond to your property? If you've been on the fence about a water feature addition such as a pond to your residential or commercial property, we invite you to contact our local excavation contractor.

A&A Tree Services of New Milford, CT is more than just a tree company. We provide full scale excavation services for any type of project including pond excavation. Our experienced team can help you visualize your project and answer any questions that you might have about the process.

In addition to pond excavation, we also specialize in wetland and stream repair. When working in regulated wetland areas if needed we consult soil scientists to flag the wetlands.

Major Drainage & Wetland Projects

Whether you're using A&A for land clearing for site work, drainage is always a question that gets bought up. Whether it's to dry a site up in preparation for building or improve fields or lawn on an estate, we have you covered.

Contact us for a consultation on any major drainage, wetland preservation, wetland restoration or remediation project. We have soil scientists and engineers we work hand-in-hand with to design, draft a plan, and get approved by all local wetland commissions.

Overview of pond excavation process

You might be holding off on starting your pond project because you aren't sure of the process. Let us walk you through some of the initial steps:

1. Contact us to schedule a consultation.
2. We'll come out to your property to discuss your pond goals and needs.
3. When we have a clear idea of your goals and vision, we have professional civil engineers and surveyors come out to the site and do a preliminary assessment so they can draft a site plan.
4. Once the design is drafted, they will come back on-site to mark everything for the project.
5. At this time we will also work to obtain any permitting, wetlands, zoning, and any applications the town hall may require.
6. Then the next step is to clean up the site in preparation for excavation.
7. After all the necessary steps are taken we can start digging out the pond and developing the site.

We hope that this helps paint the picture of our pond excavation process. If you would like to learn more or schedule your initial consultation, contact us directly at 860-946-3594.